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green2Go is a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar in Brea California that features healthy, clean, delicious and beautifully prepared food from local sources. green2Go's model of sustainability creates a farm to fork experience unlike any other restaurant or market in America or the world. Stop by today to see what clean, healthy, beautiful food tastes like.

Fruits that are OK to Buy NON Organic

There are many fruits we MUST buy organically grown due to the high amount of chemicals used to grow certain fruits (thin skinned or grown close to the ground are the ones we must be most careful with.)

We have posted a lot of information on which fruits and veggies we need to be buying organic, if we are concerned with eating chemically laced and poisoned foods.  

Here is the list of fruits that are ok to buy non organic:

Blueberries have low pesticide residues. Whenever possible, buy local blueberries.

Cantaloupe(domestic) It is ok to eat domestically grown non organic melons however, cantaloupes imported from Mexico frequently test positive for pesticide residues.  Even though cantaloupes have a thick skin, the contaminated melons should be avoided because chemicals will transfer to hands, knives and other fruits and veggies with which the outer skin comes into contact.

Bananas have low pesticide residue but please note that Fair-Trade or organic bananas are often the same price as non this case, please support the Fair-Trade and organic farmers by buying their produce. Help make a difference!

Grapes (domestic) grown in the U.S.A. typically test low for pesticide residue.  Stay away from imported grapes and for children, organic is best choice, no matter where they are grown.

Grapefruits & Tangerines among citrus fruits, these rank low in pesticide residue, which is concentrated in the peel, so buy organic if you are using the peel.  Mangoes typically have low pesticide residue.  Watermelons are grown with very little pesticides as they do not work well with this crop.

Please come back tomorrow. We will be posting a list of veggies that are ok to buy non organic, due to their natural pest control or because they are minimally sprayed.

And in the meantime, enjoy our Day 13 Menu & Recipes

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