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green2GO a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar that's changing the world with beautiful, delicious, sustainable food in Brea, CA

green2Go is a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar in Brea California that features healthy, clean, delicious and beautifully prepared food from local sources. green2Go's model of sustainability creates a farm to fork experience unlike any other restaurant or market in America or the world. Stop by today to see what clean, healthy, beautiful food tastes like.

Insurance companies pulling the plug on kids!

  In September 2010, when we first staring writing this journal, a health reform mandate took effect requiring insurance companies to cover children with pre-existing medical conditions until the age of 19.  To lessen their burden, insurance companies have realized a way out: drop offering all child-only plans. Reportedly, at least six large insurers, including Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna and Humana have stopped offering policies to children who are not covered by their parents' policy. The LA Times reported that as many as half a million kids will be affected by this move.

Of course there was an uproar over this change of policy.  However, instead of spending time and energy being frustrated and angry with the insurance industry or our government, we thought we would be practical and do something worthwhile with our time by looking at the more serious problem of the worsening health of American children in general; we need to get to the bottom of this problem and focus on reversing this epidemic.  Kids must start eating healthy food to avoid sickness and disease such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases and behavioral disorders, which are all on the rise and have been linked time and time again to bad diet and poor lifestyle habits.

We want to remind people again that we don't need to depend on insurance policies to provide a sound and good future for our kids. We need to set them up so that they won't need to rely on the healthcare industry. The magic cure for true health and well-being for kids today is parental awareness and involvement. Parents must lead by example. Kids want to be healthy! 

Who wants to live the rest of their lives fat, sickly, uncomfortable and feeling misunderstood and alone? 

The problem with kids today is ~ they are slowly eating themselves to death. Please take a few minutes to watch this very informative ABC news report. Note that this report was done in 2003. The state of our children's health has only deteriorated since then.  There needs to be a dramatic change...NOW.


We are what we eat. Click here for How to Build Your Immune System Naturally with Recipes.

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