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Food Revolution: a very different kind of agriculture and economy in America.

We want to repeat an entry by Cristy Kovach Hom, one of our contributing editors today. Cristy, a licensed clinical social worker, has been working with vulnerable populations for 15 years. She has been a vegetarian most of her adult life.  Her mother developed Multiple Sclerosis when Cristy was five years old, so she is very aware of living with disease and illness.  We love what she has to say, could not agree more....Hope you do too. Please feel free to start a conversation with her by adding a comment to her following thoughts. 

You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world.”

In July, Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, used his latest book reviews to discuss the concept of the “food revolution.” With Jaime Oliver’s new network show of the same name, this has now become a recognizable term but the concept is much deeper than the popular show demonstrates.

The food revolution is not just about healthy eating. As Pollan states, “the food movement is also about…carving out a new social and economic space removed from the influence of big corporations on one side and government on the other.” Our choice of “what to eat” becomes an ethical and political choice.  It is a vote for “a different kind of agriculture, and by implication, economy.”

I know that I feel helpless in the face of corporate domination of our government and, in turn, our way of life. This domination is glaringly apparent in our food. For example, right now, over 70% of government food subsidy supports large agribusiness, namely the growth of corn and soy only, with hardly any support for smaller and organic farms. To me, it is common knowledge that eating food grown close to home not only tastes better but is of higher nutritional value. It is also common knowledge that organic food is better for our environment and better for our health. Yet, with the recession, small farmers are increasingly being put out of business because of corporate power.

We have the ability to empower ourselves to change this trend. Buy locally and organically grown food and support small American farmers. Corporate domination of our food supply is extremely hazardous to our health. Take genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) for example.  Recently, our administration announced its support of Monsanto’s GMO campaign to solve world hunger, stating that GMO’s are needed to in order to feed the world. This is a boldfaced lie.

Research has shown that GMO’s lead to the development of numerous cancers, damage the immune system, and inhibit brain development in children, and yet, most of us have no idea if we are eating genetically modified food or not. (For more information, go to

European nations have outlawed these harmful foods such as well as an array of artificial colors and flavors deemed dangerous by scientists. Even European McDonalds has changed what they put in their Big Macs to make it less lethal to its consumers. Because our country is behind the curve, we must educate ourselves and make purchasing decisions, voting against poisonous foods.

When we buy locally grown and organic foods, we are making an ethical, political choice. We are making a choice that helps our environment, truly stimulates our economy, and communicates our refusal to poison ourselves and our children in support of corporate interests. 

Thank You Cristy!  With so much happening in the world today that leaves us worried, scared and confused, educating ourselves wherever and whenever we can is critical.  Do you have something important to say? Please share it with us.

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