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green2GO a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar that's changing the world with beautiful, delicious, sustainable food in Brea, CA

green2Go is a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar in Brea California that features healthy, clean, delicious and beautifully prepared food from local sources. green2Go's model of sustainability creates a farm to fork experience unlike any other restaurant or market in America or the world. Stop by today to see what clean, healthy, beautiful food tastes like.

The deceptive fast food industry ~ paying the price of their sins.

Obesity costs us $147 billion per year, according to government-sponsored research. The fast food industry is being blamed for the atrocious 30% national obesity rate in America...and rightly so. 

Did you know that a McDonald's Triple Thick Strawberry Shake contains 42 teaspoons of sugar and 1,100 calories, or that Burger King's Triple Whopper contains 72 grams of fat and 1,100 calories as well?

Last October officials in Santa Clara (CA) passed legislation banning fast food restaurants from handing out promotional toys ~ because this business practice is predatory and wrong.  The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are currently following suit and are working to prevent McDonalds from giving away toys with their Happy Meals unless and until they improve the nutritional content of such meals. 

The national watchdog group, The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), is preparing to sue McDonalds for using toys as 'lures'. Michael Jacobson, executive director of CSPI, explained that, "Dangling a toy in front of a kid in order to get that kid to pressure a parent into buying something is deceptive marketing," and charged the chain with, "conscripting America's children into an unpaid drone army of word-of-mouth marketers, causing them to nag their parents to bring them to McDonald's."

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that major food and beverage corporations spend at least $1.6 billion in the U.S. every year to convince kids to eat unhealthy food.  Each year, McDonald's and its competitors move more than a billion unhealthy meals to kids under the age of 12, largely on the lure of toy giveaways in kids' meals. 

Despite all these facts, big business can not take all the blame...Parents need to teach their kids what is right and wrong, how to take care of their bodies, and the fact that we are indeed what we eat.  After all, these kids are not driving themselves to these fast food joints and paying for their meals out of their own little wallets.

Help your kids make the right choices for good health and well being today and for their future. Healthier, affordable, engaging restaurant options are needed as well ~ which is why green2go was conceived in the first place.  We aim to help you help your kids.

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