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green2GO a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar that's changing the world with beautiful, delicious, sustainable food in Brea, CA

green2Go is a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar in Brea California that features healthy, clean, delicious and beautifully prepared food from local sources. green2Go's model of sustainability creates a farm to fork experience unlike any other restaurant or market in America or the world. Stop by today to see what clean, healthy, beautiful food tastes like.

Grow your own. Grow your life.

The recent economic crisis has caused most people to look at and reconsider the  way they live. Cutting costs, living a more self-sustained and resourceful way of life is not a fad but a solid and satisfying way of life all around.  Small changes in our daily habits can make big, lasting differences.

Gardening connects us to a healthier lifestyle that enables us to control what we eat and how we eat. We were once a nation of farmers. Today only two percent of Americans live on farms. We have lost touch with our agricultural roots.  In just two generations we have changed from a rural to an urban nation.  Many children today have no clue as to where our food comes from, or what real food actually is!  Grown in dirt is a more frightening idea than grown in a test tube. We are a nation with an obvious and dangerous eating disorder.

Despite the clear lack of support from our government (who advises we eat more fruits and veggies but award no subsidies to our small farmers but dole out billions in support of commodity crops that become cheap, unhealthy food like soda and burgers), individuals and communities around the states are slowly but surely making change in their own back yards. Small gardens and farms are popping up everywhere...even at work. According to the U.S.Census Bureau twenty-five percent of households now grow their own produce!

Barbara Kingsolver wrote a brilliant, engaging, informative book titled: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in which she explains ~ "At its heart, a genuine food culture is an affinity between people and the land that feeds them." Organic growers, farmers' markets and small urban food producers comprise the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. food economy today. Please support these businesses and make a clear statement to our government that real, healthy food is what we want now.

Please visit our give2grow page for loads of information on establishing your own gardens at home, at school, or at work.

green2go loves Seeds of Change and their Home Garden Starter Kits. Check out the difference one person can make:

Enjoy our root veggie recipes du jour.


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