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green2GO a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar that's changing the world with beautiful, delicious, sustainable food in Brea, CA

green2Go is a unique organic restaurant, marketplace and bar in Brea California that features healthy, clean, delicious and beautifully prepared food from local sources. green2Go's model of sustainability creates a farm to fork experience unlike any other restaurant or market in America or the world. Stop by today to see what clean, healthy, beautiful food tastes like.

Healthy eating tips for the busiest time of year.

Here we go again: entering the mad rush of November & December!!! Where did the year go?  Time to kick it up a notch ~ work deadlines, parties upon parties, shopping and then more shopping, frequent dining out, late nights and early mornings...

While we juggle all the parties & festivities, remember the following tips in order to keep our everyday health good, maintain a healthy weight,  boost our metabolism, increase our energy and brain function, and help create a wonderful, powerful feeling from the inside out ~ in order to juggle happily and successfully!

Don't skip breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day...setting the foundation for a healthy or unhealthy rest-of-the-day. Set yourself up for success, not failure!

Skip the extra coffee. Too much coffee overloads our liver (our body's detoxifying organ and if overloaded, chances for disease, lack of energy and weight gain will increase.)  Coffee is a diuretic, so too much will dehydrate us, and it increases the risk of blood sugar irregularities (making us drowsy and sluggish later).   If you are using trans fats to sweeten your coffee - you need to make a change NOW!

Stay Hydrated. Keeping up with everything is important of course, but feeling good while doing all that we do, is key. Dehydration is a terrible feeling and very bad for our overall health.  We don't need to drink an excessive amount of water to stay hydrated...there is plenty of water in fresh fruits and veggies.

Eat healthy snacks. Avoid processed foods. If your snack comes in a package, look at the ingredients. Stay away from long lists and ingredients you can not pronounce. Take time to pack snacks...carry them with you (fruit & nut bars, fresh fruits, sliced veggies...)

Avoid anything white! White rice, bread, pasta, and sauces are all processed so that all the good fiber and nutrients are significantly reduced. Choose whole grain breads, pastas, brown rice and whole grains like quinoa, couscous or buckwheat instead. Whole grains fill us faster and keeps us feeling satiated where as white foods go through us quickly so we end up eating much more without any benefit whatsoever! 

Make smart menu choices.When dining out, look for meals that are steamed, baked, roasted, grilled or poached. Skip the high fat and calorie loaded fried, au gratin, crispy, escalloped, pan-fried, sauteed or stuffed offerings...your body will benefit immediately and immensely.

Avoid eating late. If you know you will be eating late, have something healthy before attending. If you are not starving when you arrive for a late dinner, you will not be tempted to eat something you will regret later. Try to eat only fruits and veggies, avoid heavy meats and carbs which will only serve to ruin your weight and health in general.

All in all, if you really  take care of yourself by remembering We Are What We Eat, life becomes easier actually and certainly more FUN!  Enjoy.

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