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Frankenfish. Know what you are eating and be concerned!

Next week there will be a series of public meetings in Rockville, MD for the FDA's approval process for Genetically Engineered Salmon. September 19th will be for review of the science behind this 'product' and September 21st will cover labeling issues (actually, no labeling required is the issue!)

I just wrote last week on GMOs being everywhere, in everything we use and consume, and the problem being that people have no idea. GE Salmon represents the first GE Animal to directly enter the U.S. food supply. 

There is big concern over the approval process. Plus, the U.S. food agencies do not have a way to fully evaluate the impacts of GE Salmon on human health and our environment.  And the worst part is IF these salmon are allowed to enter our marketplace, they won't be labeled, so consumers won't know what they are eating.

One would think that at this point, we must set the bar for solid science very high indeed. BUT, typical of the FDA, so far they have set that bar about an inch from the ground!  The senior scientist of the Consumers Union, Michael Hanson, explains that the science used to justify the salmon's safety is "sloppy, misleading and woefully inadequate."  Could it be more alarming?!!! 

Due to the immense problems with water pollution and the issues around farmed fish, I am very careful about eating fish in general. I wait and pay more for wild Alaskan salmon because they are the closest-to-natural clean fish around.  These fish fight their way upstream in the frigid cold water each season, as the salmon have for is in their blood. They are strong, lean and very healthy. 

If you are interested in knowing how the GE Salmon a.k.a. Frankenfish are created and how they grow, click here for Jill Richardson's article: The Creepy Science Behind Genetically Engineered "Frankenfish" About To Enter Our Food Supply Unlabeled.  While you are there, why not take about 30 seconds to sign the petition?

We should all be concerned with what's going on around us, particularly if it involves what is going inside of us. Of great concern here is the sloppy and dishonest 'science' that is being supported by our FDA; this type of work should not be passed through our regulatory system, certainly not as quickly as the Frankenfish has been so far.

If you enjoy eating salmon but are not sure about eating Frankenfish, one way to get around this problem is, the fish will be produced in Panama, so look for this Country of Origin on the packaging (it is not usual for salmon). If however you are buying your fish from a market or processed (smoked salmon) you are unfortunately, S.O.L. 

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